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CCHA Finals 08/29/15

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CCHA Finals 08/29/15

CCHA 08/15/15

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CCHA 08/10//15

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CCHA 05/02/15

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CCHA 04-18-15

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Valinor Farm - June 2015 Show USEA Horse Trials

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Valinor Farm Oct.4th, '15

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Valinor Farm Oct.4th, '15

SEHA Finals 09/13/15

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SEHA Finals 09/13/15

SEHA 05/30/15

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SEHA 04/24/15

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Ashley Hall Annual Horse Show Mar. 2015

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Ashley Hall Annual Horse Show Mar. 2015

Guestbook for Equine 2015
Steve Hopkins Photography
Viewing Proofs

Purchasing an Upload Pass

An uploading pass will be necessary so as to view a gallery of your individual photos. Regular shows will be $10 each per rider/show. Finals and major competitions will be $15 for 2015.

A list of riders of whom I have captured some photos will be posted on the group’s )i.e. CCHA, SEHA...)Facebook page as soon as I have sorted all images. You may also email me to check on your # and availability of photos - .

Payment, preferably, should be made via PayPal and sent to - . Checks may also be mailed to me. A complimentary ($8 value) web res image file of your choice will be emailed to you once I have uploaded and you have viewed your images.

Steve Hopkins Photography
Steve Hopkins Photography
RE: photo viewing fee:

Valinor: Images from the June 13th & 14th USEA Horse Trials competition at Valinor Farm in Plymouth, MA
There is now a $15 fee required in order to view photos. The payment is to be processed through PayPal and sent to -
Following payment, please email me (use my Paypal address above) and I will send you the password to see any of the galleries. You will, in turn, be emailed two free Facebk/web res image files that you choose.

*Unfortunately, many equine photographers who still photograph horse shows have had to institute similar fees. There have been declining sales the past few years. We spend at least the same amount of show time following the show as we sort, select and upload images to our websites.

Thank you for your understanding.

Steve Hopkins
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