Steve Hopkins Photography: Blog en-us (C) Steve Hopkins Photography (Steve Hopkins Photography) Tue, 22 Nov 2016 15:09:00 GMT Tue, 22 Nov 2016 15:09:00 GMT Steve Hopkins Photography: Blog 120 80 "Black" Photo Shopping Days Steve Hopkins Photography is joing the "Black Friday" hoopla !  

Why not. And my "Black Fridays" run from today, Nov.22nd until mid-night on Sunday December 11th!

Offering #1     Full Res JPEG images are now only $15.00 ea. (Reg. #35.00 ea)


Offering #2.     Purchase all your Hi-Res images for only $125.00. Make a collection of your favorites, from any year(s) and

                             send  collection to me from my website. 


Payment will be through PayPal to:


From these digital files you can have prints made at your preferred printer, design order your own photo books, calendars etc. They are the correct resolution for those purposes. Even large prints and banners!


So, start searching through my Equine galleries for  your photos and place your order by December 11th.


Happy Holidays


Steve Hopkins

]]> (Steve Hopkins Photography) . AHS Attleboro Attleboro :across Attleboro High School Attleboro Soccer, Big Red CCHA Cross Country Dartmouth High School Equestrian Equine Equitation Hunter Massachusetts North Attleboro High School RIHA Rhode Island Horsemen's Association SEHA South East Hunter Association Stepping Stone Ranch Steve Hopkins Valinor Farm Walnut Farm basketball" high school sports horse horse show horses over fences pets photography portraits senior portraits seniors shoppix x-country Tue, 22 Nov 2016 15:08:22 GMT
Spring is Here! Right? 20120225CLS-Bengals02720120225CLS-Bengals027 20140614ValinorSaturday47720140614ValinorSaturday477 20121027EmmaD_08520121027EmmaD_085 20121104Emily11920121104Emily119 20110731Ashley21020110731Ashley210 20130922-#230-300120130922-#230-3001 20140628TYC255-220140628TYC255-2

Springtime in Westport ​…it's cooler, windier and foggier here in the Spring as the weather forecasters allude to. It's is milder overall and much more pleasant for taking photographs outdoors. 

Horse show season is starting up although I am reducing my involvement this year.  An equine cross country schooling event is being held this Sunday at Valinor Farm in Plymouth.

In my new finished I have an impromptu studio area set up for pet and people portrait sessions.  there are also many outdoor areas (non-studio) around here for beautiful pet and people portrait sessions. 

So, please email me for portrait  and sports related session information. I live about 10 miles from Horseneck Beach and other scenic areas : Little Compton, Tiverton and Dartmouth. Anyone need real estate photography? I'm sure I can provide you with a perfect collection to help sell your home.


Phone: 774-254-1451 20130630-BoneYardRide009120130630-BoneYardRide0091 20120302-Bella02620120302-Bella026

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Image #20150829CCHA-Finals-526 20150829CCHA-Finals-52620150829CCHA-Finals-526

I've been adding some photos from last Fall's CCHA finals show. i'm up to rider #529 as of this evening. More tomorrow.

]]> (Steve Hopkins Photography) CCHA Finals CCHA Ca[e Cod Hunter 2015 SH_P Steve Hopkins Photography shoppix Tue, 29 Mar 2016 01:59:06 GMT
Purchasing an "Upload Pass" ​     As some of you may know equestrian events have seen a continued reduction if sales by their riders and families. Some photographers have stopped photographing them altogether. And we photographers are not paid by the show organization to take pictures. Others, as I have, have instituted a form of  pre-payment to see individual rider galleries. I have adopted the name - Upload Pass - from another local (Rehoboth) photographer. 

     Following a day of photographing as many riders as I can during the show, I sort by rider number on my computer.  Next, the riders may email me - - to ask if  have any photos of them. An alternative, will be to post this list of available rider photos on my Facebook page "Equine Riders" - . If you have have not "joined" this page of mine, please do so. 

​     OKso I do have photos of you! Good!   Purchase of an "Upload Pass" via PayPal will will tell me to edit your gallery and upload to my website. The upload pass, for regular shows is only $10. The Finals will be $15.  I will also email you a complimentary web res image chosen from your gallery. 

The Paypal payment should be made to:

Candid galleries will be continued to be uploaded without any pass required.

​Any questions,,and comments… may be emailed to me:


Steve Hopkins

Steve Hopkins Photography

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Equestrian Show viewing fee!  

RE: photo viewing fee:


Valinor:      Images from the June 13th & 14th USEA Horse Trials competition at Valinor Farm in Plymouth, MA

There is now a $15 fee required in order to view photos. The payment is to be processed through PayPal and sent to -


Following payment, please email me (use my Paypal address above) and I will send you the password to see any of the galleries. You will, in turn, be emailed two free Facebk/web res image files that you choose.


*Unfortunately, many equine photographers who still photograph horse shows have had to institute similar fees. There have been declining sales the past few years. We spend at least the same amount of show time following the show as we sort, select and upload images to our websites.


Thank you for your understanding.


Steve Hopkins

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April 2015 - It's Spring! Well, another equine show and sailing season is just about here! Although today is chilly and wet.

I just returned from a month in South Carolina, staying is Summerville, just North of Charleston. I didn't get any sailing in but did photograph the Ashley Hall Horse Show on John's Is. one day and also visit the Equine Rescue of Aiken another day.  20150315-SouthCarolina062720150315-SouthCarolina0627 20150315-SouthCarolina063920150315-SouthCarolina0639 20150315-SouthCarolina078920150315-SouthCarolina0789 20150315-SouthCarolina078720150315-SouthCarolina0787


My wife and I did manage to escape some of the 'winter Wonderland' here in SE Massachusetts! I still have a bit of snow in my yard and driveway. The pile in the driveway was about 20'x5'x8' piled up by a snow plow!  Helped a friend in Rehoboth shovel off snow from her horse barn before I went South. 

So, I am scheduling some show dates with SEHA and CCHA equestrian groups, and possibly some with the Tiverton yacht club to cover some of their Summer regattas. If anyone else would like to schedule time for some professional photography, just send me an email soon: , or call me at 774-254-1451. Anything to do with sports, portraits - horse, rider, horse & rider, family pets, seniors ( high school or …grandparents!

I wish you all the best success for the Summer competition season. Please say hello when we pass - tell me your name…please… as I meet so many people each year - I just can't remember a;;, even my friends on Facebook.





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December 2014 Another year almost done! I remember when I was in high school reading the book "1984" and having imaginary thoughts about that far into the future! Well, as we know it came and went…and here we are.

The Holidays are upon us and for many of those those giving gifts -  experiencing anxiety hoping no one was forgotten!  I would like to grant a week off, after New Years Eve, for all the mothers, grandmothers and aunts who have been working overtime to buy family gifts, arrange dinners and parties for the season!  Enjoy all!

Some easy photo tips for photographing the gang……..

  • Use your flash - indoors and out doors for corrective fill flash
  • When inside, turn off lamps behind you group and turn on lamps that would some light to your subjects faces and clothing - remove the lamp shades too!
  • Don't pose them like soldiers  - weight on one leg-the back leg , turn towards the center slightly
  • Try to get eyes on different levels - some sit on chairs or couch cushions, on couch arms, little kids on laps, some standing- mix it up
  • Set camera white balance to AUTO 'cause the light color(temperature) from lamps, window light and flash are all different!
  • Focus on a face to help guide the camera to a correct exposure
  • If light from flashes too bright and shooting on PROGRAM mode (not auto) your camera may have a Flash Compensation button - small square with a diagonal line through it. Half is black and half is white/sliver and with a + symbol and a - symbol. Should right next to button to pop up the flash - some cameras do not have this though. If yours does - press and hold and dial in some negative compensation. 
  • Wait and look for the funny pics, people in deep thought and/or contemplative moments...

HaVE FUN too!

Hope to see many of you next year - 2015


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July 22nd….Summer Not Long Enough! Summer just never seems long enough anymore!  Although parents with school age children will have had enough by the end of August. Vacations are now going in full swing, with a common refrain that "now I need a vacation" following that one or two week escape from home!  How does a family - parents and kids - go on vacation and really get some R&R? What is your solution?  Soon we will be bombarded with Back To School ads on TV and in the paper!

Of course, with Summer comes outdoor household tasks - mowing the lawn, gardening - casual and/or making a new garden area! Trimming trees and bushes, fertilizing everything! I just finished a new brick sidewalk and moved and re-built the fire pit! 

20140628TYC08020140628TYC080Summer Sports 20140628TYC08020140628TYC080Summer Sports 20140628TYC08020140628TYC080Summer Sports 20140628TYC08020140628TYC080Summer Sports 20140628TYC08020140628TYC080Summer Sports

​As for summer sports - golfers go golfing for hours and hours, youth baseball game practices and weekend games, AAU basketball is most of the Summer, right? Ice hockey is a year round activity, with their cold ice rinks, early AM practices and night games a good distance from home!  Also there is sailing and power boating, tennis, cycling and horse shows.

​Yes horse shows! I was very surprised when I realized that there are at least a few in SE Mass. and RI that I could go to every weekend. Usually one but sometimes 2 days, and ALL DAY long. There are also some weeklong competition esp. in Vermont, Saugertees, NY., Lake Placid, as well as Fieldstone and Grazing Fields in MA.

 I just attended a one day show in Medway ,MA at the Saddle Rowe Farm. It was run by the SEHA organization (South East Hunter Assoc.) I was there to photograph the show as usual. One young girl asked me if I knew how to ride. And I thought for a moment, and said"well sort, but not really"!  I rode a mule down the Grand Canyon in 1963m and several years ago I worked for a tour company and visited a ranch in Texas. We all had a a chance to ride a horse - so I jumped on- climbed on - and rode down a dirt road a short was and back! they all thought I knew what I was doing since I just took off at a gallop, stopped & turned round and galloped back!

​There is something majestic and inspiring about a horse. When you stand next to one or a few - that muscle bound powerhouse is an amazing creation. I would like to learn to ride - confidently some time though.  At the shows I go to there are always some little kids - maybe 5 yrs old - just learning. All the young girls - pre-teens I would say - all wear pigtails and beautiful ribbons attached to each pigtail. So, with that I need to show you what I mean with a few photos. Enjoy!

20140719SEHA-SR82820140719SEHA-SR828Pigtails and Ribbons 20140719SEHA-SR82820140719SEHA-SR828Pigtails and Ribbons 20140719SEHA-SR82820140719SEHA-SR828Pigtails and Ribbons 20140719SEHA-SR82820140719SEHA-SR828Pigtails and Ribbons 20140719SEHA-SR82820140719SEHA-SR828Pigtails and Ribbons

]]> (Steve Hopkins Photography) "sports 2014 SEHA Saddle Rowe Steve Hopkins Steve Hopkins Photography equestrian equine equine photography equitation horse horse show horses over fences photography" ribbons saddle shoppix Tue, 22 Jul 2014 22:35:22 GMT
Lindsay Elizabeth Hopkins - New Job! D3S_6187D3S_6187STEVE HOPKINS PHOTOGRAPHY (2011)

Just got a great graphic design job in Boston area!

]]> (Steve Hopkins Photography) Lindsay Steve Hopkins portrait Elizabeth graphic design job family shoppix. Photography Thu, 29 May 2014 22:35:51 GMT
Spring 2014 - Well, soon it will feel like it! Certainly has been chilly today, Monday the 24th.  But, as I usually say, this is New England, and Spring and summer will be here!

Quick mention - my new 6wk photo session at Attleboro High School is starting on Monday, April 7th. Email aep@attleboroschools,com for info and registration. The Spring session is nice because we can spend some more time outside, actually taking pictures!   If Monday evenings is not convenient for you, sign up and we can perhaps change the day with the whole class.

For the convenience of students and parents,of varsity basketball student athletes at AHS, I have elected images of each player and made new galleries by their individual shirt #'s.   This link will get you there: . Great opportunity to order a book of photos, a single print, a coffee mug or many other photo items. Tell a friend, relative or even a boy friend/girlfriend for a gift idea!

In the above photo  is #32 Sarah Deyo, a Freshman on the AHS varsity girls team. Looking forward to great things from this young lady over the next few years!


Spring sports at most high schools have a tuff time getting outdoor practice time with foul and cold weather to contend with.  I am looking forward to covering some track & field events, which I have not captured before. Also, lacrosse, softball and some baseball, and tennis. If you have any special interest in having me capture a certain player, please let me know. Email me at - Also, if they are involved in activities outside of the school that would be photo worthy, please contact me. 

For me, I will also be covering some RI and SE Massachusetts horse shows, and perhaps rowing regattas at the Narragansett Boat Club in Providence. I would also like to get to Newport for some beach volleyball shooting. what a fast moving and exciting sport to photograph!

Selling your home this Spring?  I can guarantee better photos than most any real-estate agent around. I have the lights and wide angle lenses necessary to capture gulper images of your home. Attract more potential buyers with beautiful photographs of your home. I am ready when you are, so please give me a call (774-254-1451) or email ( If you agent will not contact me, then you should do it on your own. Maximize the efforts to sell your home!

One more item,  I am looking for a few people to act as models for me. This would include youth ages and up, male and female. Even senior citizens! I need to build up my portrait portfolio, and so, there will be no session charges. Each model will receive two 5x7 prints. No modeling experience necessary. I am looking for variety and creativity, not merely a formal portrait sitting. There could be a focus on your participation in a sport, musical activity, acting or some other activity of relevance to your life. 

That's it for now. Think about Joining my next photography class to learn how to better control you camera as well as composition and exposure.That new digital cannot do it correctly all the time! Tell a friend even if you are not interested at this time.


Keep Shootin'!


Steve Hopkins



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SATURDAY, MARCH 8TH!! Warm and Sunny! What a fantastic day after the winter weather we have had here in New England. I'm getting together with my photography class - Adult Ed at Attleboro High School) tomorrow for a 2nd outdoor photo shoot. Likely will be cooler! That's New England weather for ya!

There will be another class starting in April. Email for sign up. Classes will Monday evenings from 6:30 to 9PM. It is an introduction to digital photography. Learn what the different buttons and menu items do to help you capture better photographs.  We will work towards using the semi-auto features, as well as exploring situations to use Manual exposure settings. 

Also, below is a flyer - Sports Photography for Parents, A two hour crash lesson to help parents of school age athletes capture better photos of their kids in action. We'll work on indoor gym shooting as well as outdoor sports activities. Now is the time to take this quickie session before Spring school sports get going.


Steve Hopkins Photography         cell: 774-254-1451




Sports Photography For Parents


Blurry pictures, Dark pictures.....?? Why?? 


As your family’s photographer, are you frustrated trying to capture great action photos of your family’s athletes indoors?


It’s not the camera’s fault!  And it’s manual does not offer the solution! Let me help you.


2 Hr Workshop


  *(+ $10 outside of the Attleboro area)



Call or email me, Steve Hopkins, to schedule your workshop time.  Individuals or groups of 2-3 preferred.


Oh, no tests or quizzes!!! Just fun, ‘to the point’ learning.


© 2014 Steve Hopkins Photography

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It's Snowing! Again! Yes, it is snowing - right now as I write this!  Seems as though an off shoot of the Polar Vortex has slid South and mixed with some moisture, again!  OK, It's New England and Winter and  - it is going to snow! 

​So.. who is planning to take their camera's out and take some pretty snow pictures tomorrow? Who ihardy enough to go out tonight and look for scenes with illumination from some kind of outdoor lighting? Some street lights can give you some strange colors! Try the different white balance settings for some color variation.  

Back to tomorrow, in daylight, there is an adjustment to set on your camera before you even go outside. DSLRs and some advanced point & shoot cameras have a compensation adjustment. This adjusts the exposure - even when using the Auto exposure setting. A digital camera adjusts the exposure to what is called Middle Gray. It averages all the light and dark areas in your viewfinder or LCD  to produce a very good exposures - based on the middle gray level of light and dark parts of your scene.

 With a snowy scene, mostly white, it will end up being kind of gray! It looks dull and boring with none of the imapce of what you envisioned. SO, adjust the camera's exposure compensation to the plus side. The settings are numbers such as:  +.3, +.7, +1 and on up to +3.  (also to the minus in the same 1/3 increments).  


We want '+' compensation to make the scene brighter or rather the snow brighter. Take a few pictures at '0' and then set a +1 compensation - just to see the difference back on your computer, with a hot cup of cocoa! You might also try a +1.3 setting. 

Image #3 below - I added +1.7  exposure compensation and converted to B&W! Much Better.


Often when an image contains very little color it will look better converted to B&W. At least try it and you be the judge!

Keep Shootin'


Steve Hopkins


]]> (Steve Hopkins Photography) exposure exposure compensation no compensation snow Wed, 22 Jan 2014 01:12:16 GMT
AHS Varsity Cheerleaders 2013-2014


Resting between routines? !!!     'Girls just gotta have fun'!

]]> (Steve Hopkins Photography) AHS Attleboro DHS Steve Hopkins Steve Hopkins Photography high school shoppix sports Thu, 02 Jan 2014 23:42:27 GMT
High School Basketball……….sharp and Bright Images??? No??? Many photographers have trouble with capturing good images in school gyms. I read many blog entries every year from photos who want to know what settings to use. My pics are blurry, or too dark, too much noise etc. ! So, the solution? !!!

Well, it's just not that easy. Using the P or A exposure settings will not do it for you. The next up in using or controlling your camera is necessary. Learning to use Aperture priority (AV on Canon bodies), shutter priority (TV on Canon bodies)  and Manual settings is necessary.  even on the Sports setting you will not get consistently good images. 


The Exposure Triangle - three components control the camera's exposure result…Aperture (or lens opening), Shutter Speed, and ISO ( relates to how quickly the camera's computer reacts and processes the light (image info) coming in through the lens. The lens being used is also a controlling or possibly limiting factor as well. Limiting in the sense that it's aperture can only open so wide and with a zoom lens, it likely changes it's aperture (goes smaller) as you zoom out to get a closer composition. Getting smaller lets less light into the camera, resulting in a darker image. these are called Variable Aperture lenses. A higher grade lens, usually more expensive, is called a constant aperture lens. 

One method to work towards capturing a decent action image is to set a shutter speed of 1/400, aperture of f3.5 ( usually the widest on a variable aperture lens, and an ISO of 1600. Too dark?…raise the ISO to 2000, 2500 or perhaps higher. This can only be done by using the Manual exposure setting on your camera. 

For a hands on lesson or 'hand holding' session, email me for  an appointment. It is only $25.00 for 2 hours of instruction and actual sports action shooting. You shoot, ask questions and get answers. Also learn about composition, what and when to shoot. Andsome basic post processing (editing) tips.

Email me today while indoor sports action is Hot! My email: .


Steve Hopkins Photography



]]> (Steve Hopkins Photography) Attleboro High School Bishop Feehan High School basketball girls high school sports shoppix stevehopkinsphotography varsity Sun, 29 Dec 2013 05:29:56 GMT
Bizzy...Bizzy! 'Shot' a few thousand photos within the recent few weeks, review each for 'keepers', re-name, apply some minor editing, save and then upload to mywebsite: .  Phew!!

I subcontract with a photo company that handles photography for marathons, 10K's and 'mud races". There were two on Columbus weekend - The Amica Marathon in Newport and then the Tufts 10K for Women in Boston. In Newport I was on Memorial Drive leading down to 1st Beach and In Boston, on the Mass. Ave, Bridge, Both great locations on beautiful days. You have to go to to see these images.

Then I was invited to Stepping Stone Ranch in Eschoheag, RI to capture their Fall western horseback riding event. Then, The Metro Ford dealership in Raynham, MA sponsored their first show in conjunction with the Mass Rough Riders and Cape Cod Rough Riders for some fast action barrel racing events. Theriders ages ranged from young children to a 79 yr olld woman. And she was GOOD, driving her horse around those barrels and racing back to the finish line!


Attleboro High School'svolleyball team - Varsity & JV - had their last two season games this week. Weeds's vs Taunton and Friday evening vs North Attleboro. Friday's game night was also Senior Night with a very nice presentation to the Seniors and their parents just prior to the game start.

]]> (Steve Hopkins Photography) AHS Attleboro High School Steve Hopkins Steve Hopkins Photography photography seniors shoppix sports volleyball Sun, 27 Oct 2013 18:30:40 GMT
Pet Photography Pet Photography  -  Dogs, Cats, Horses & Ponies....

I've always had a dogs in my family.  Collies when I was a kid, and most recently Golden Retrievers. Whether a formal portrait or your pet in action or sporting event, what is better than a beautiful large print, photo book or even a coffee mug to showcase the pet love of your life?

Just wanted to show you my new business card, just printed, representing this specialty of my photography business. 


PetBizCard'13-Frnt PetBizCardBK'13


Choose from:

A mini session of 15 min. at my home, or a 2 hour regular session at your choice of location. 

Fabric /studio background or environmental


Get a group of 4-5 pet owners for a discount!

Call for an appointment by August 31st and receive a Free 8x10 print from your session.



Cell# 774-254-1451    Email:

]]> (Steve Hopkins Photography) Attleboro Steve Hopkins Steve Hopkins Photography beach cat dog equine farm horse pet pets photo photography pony portraits session shoppix Tue, 13 Aug 2013 23:08:08 GMT
August is Here ---Already? !!! Keep 'shootin' - Photos! Following my total knee operation on July 2nd, my photo excursions and sessions have been seriously put on the back burner! So, the past couple of days I got camera in hand and went outside to do some 'shooting'.

I really miss it when I have neglected to photograph something curious, interesting, funny.....or just something I find unique. So, being very brief in

my blogging tonight I'll submit a few photos of my latest subjects. All taken with 70-200 f2.8 Nikon lens, at aperture of f2.8, hand held.

Butterfly Bush Flower Head #2

]]> (Steve Hopkins Photography) Attleboro Steve Hopkins Steve Hopkins Photography, equine, RIHA, SEHA, CCHA photo, session, horse, pony, beach, farm bird bush butterfly cardinal cardinal. digital dragonfly female flower male photography purple red shoppix Sat, 03 Aug 2013 01:05:14 GMT
Almost August! *** Sports Photography for Parents Pretty soon it will be August of 2013- just a few  more days actually! And Fall school and rec.  sports will be scheduling their Captains Practices to prep for the season to come. Primarily we're talking about football, soccer, and volleyball. 

I am personally anxious to begin, anew, photographing some of these games this Fall. After several years and thousands of images...I have learned so much about photographing sports action. 

At most games I see many parents with cameras of all sorts. From small, compact Point&Shoots to large , black DSLRs by Canon, Nikon, Sony and others.  If the opportunity arises, I will offer them a suggestion that will likely improve their photo results.

I am sure that many of you have purchased a larger camera and lens kit with sports photography in mind. However, how many of you have read the manual - beyond the first chapter or so?  Or really delve into how to use this expensive tool to capture better images of your children? Then wonder why they are still looking dark or blurry? Still shooting on Auto or one of the various settings like Sports, Landscape or Macro!

Solution:           Sports Photography for Parents 

Sign up for one of my 2 hour sessions, concentrating on the skills you can use to capture much better images of sports action. We'll cover what camera settings to use and how/when to change them, composition, holding the camera, panning and capturing those one of a kind candid images of your star player.

August dates: Sat mornings - the 10th, 17th and 24th. Weekday times are also available. 

2 hour sessions are only $25/person.           Email me at:




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20130630-BoneYardRide0001 20130630-BoneYardRide000120130630-BoneYardRide0001

Riders lined up for the start of the Zack Marshall Memorial Ride, starting from the Boneyard Barbecue & Grill in Seekonk, MA

Link to gallery:


]]> (Steve Hopkins Photography) Boneyard Boneyard Barbecue & Grill Seekonk mototorcycle Harley Victory Sun, 30 Jun 2013 19:45:40 GMT
Happy May 2013 Well, May is here so the real Summertime is not far away! YeHaaa!

Last friday my schedule happened to coincide with the Boys and Girls Lacrosse games at Attleboro HS, my local high school. And so grabbed my D300S and 70-200 lens for some high school sports shooting. Now I have not photographed Lacrosse before so a new challenge lay before me. 

I have mentioned before that every sport has its own flow, speed and timing. It often takes a bit of shooting time to get into synch with the action. First up was the girls game against Sharon High School of which I was only able to capture half. Attleboro was ahead by a large margin, but the action was only so-so. This is only Attleboro's 2nd yr with a Lacrosse program and no long running feeder programs in town. I still captured some decent photos which I uploaded to my website.    

Next up was the Boy's game. The sun was lower, warmer (the Golden Hour) and softer! Love it!

Boys lacrosse games, like soccer, are faster moving than underclassmen or girls teams. And the action is 'hotter', with more aggressive moves etc..  Attleboro and Sharon HS were pretty evenly matched throughout the 1 hour game time. The wind was blowing into my face and my eyes watered a bit making it hard to follow the ball closely. But what I did capture was pretty darn good...IMHO! Sometimes I actually lost track of where the ball was while trying to follow looking through the viewfinder!!! these guys can whip that ball pretty fast to a distant area of the field. The lacrosse field is wider than a reg football field and I could have used my 300mm lens at times.

Go here: to view the entire galleries. also, Like and Share freely, and write comments in the comment area below each enlarged picture or the first gallery page. 

]]> (Steve Hopkins Photography) Attleboro HS Lacrosse Sharon Steve Hopkins Steve Hopkins Photography', boys lacrosse digital game girls lacrosse high photographer photography photography" photos school shoppix sports sports action Tue, 07 May 2013 00:47:09 GMT