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MC Ride - Boneyard 06/30/13

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MC Ride - Boneyard 06/30/13


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Guestbook for All Photographs
Steve Hopkins Photography

I meant to tell you that I brought the two pictures to Bernard in London, and he loved them. He said you are an excellent photographer. Good work.
Charlotte L.

portrait session 11/19/15
Steve Hopkins Photography
To Dec 1 at 8:39 PM
Thank you so much for you customer service!
Steve Hopkins Photography
New Slide show - October 2015

I chose a small selection of portraits I have taken over the past few years. Some were for high school Senior sessions while had various needs or desires. Is it time for your session?
Fall in New England is certainly a beautiful time for outdoor portrait sessions especially. Give me a call to discuss and possibly schedule your session.

774-254-1451 Schedule a session now- during October - and receive 5 web res digital image files!!
Steve Hopkins Photography
Viewing Proofs

Purchasing an Upload Pass

An uploading pass will be necessary so as to view a gallery of your individual photos. Regular shows will be $10 each per rider/show. Finals and major competitions will be $15 for 2015.

A list of riders of whom I have captured some photos will be posted on the group’s )i.e. CCHA, SEHA...)Facebook page as soon as I have sorted all images. You may also email me to check on your # and availability of photos - .

Payment, preferably, should be made via PayPal and sent to - . Checks may also be mailed to me. A complimentary ($8 value) web res image file of your choice will be emailed to you once I have uploaded and you have viewed your images.

Steve Hopkins Photography
Steve Hopkins Photography
HI Steve,

Great thank you! Also wanted to let you know the website was very easy to use and customizing the magazine cover was easy too. Great pictures!

Thanks again,
October 2013
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