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April 2015 - It's Spring!

April 09, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Well, another equine show and sailing season is just about here! Although today is chilly and wet.

I just returned from a month in South Carolina, staying is Summerville, just North of Charleston. I didn't get any sailing in but did photograph the Ashley Hall Horse Show on John's Is. one day and also visit the Equine Rescue of Aiken another day.  20150315-SouthCarolina062720150315-SouthCarolina0627 20150315-SouthCarolina063920150315-SouthCarolina0639 20150315-SouthCarolina078920150315-SouthCarolina0789 20150315-SouthCarolina078720150315-SouthCarolina0787


My wife and I did manage to escape some of the 'winter Wonderland' here in SE Massachusetts! I still have a bit of snow in my yard and driveway. The pile in the driveway was about 20'x5'x8' piled up by a snow plow!  Helped a friend in Rehoboth shovel off snow from her horse barn before I went South. 

So, I am scheduling some show dates with SEHA and CCHA equestrian groups, and possibly some with the Tiverton yacht club to cover some of their Summer regattas. If anyone else would like to schedule time for some professional photography, just send me an email soon: shoppix@photo.net , or call me at 774-254-1451. Anything to do with sports, portraits - horse, rider, horse & rider, family pets, seniors ( high school or …grandparents!

I wish you all the best success for the Summer competition season. Please say hello when we pass - tell me your name…please… as I meet so many people each year - I just can't remember a;;, even my friends on Facebook.





December 2014

December 22, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Another year almost done! I remember when I was in high school reading the book "1984" and having imaginary thoughts about that far into the future! Well, as we know it came and went…and here we are.

The Holidays are upon us and for many of those those giving gifts -  experiencing anxiety hoping no one was forgotten!  I would like to grant a week off, after New Years Eve, for all the mothers, grandmothers and aunts who have been working overtime to buy family gifts, arrange dinners and parties for the season!  Enjoy all!

Some easy photo tips for photographing the gang……..

  • Use your flash - indoors and out doors for corrective fill flash
  • When inside, turn off lamps behind you group and turn on lamps that would some light to your subjects faces and clothing - remove the lamp shades too!
  • Don't pose them like soldiers  - weight on one leg-the back leg , turn towards the center slightly
  • Try to get eyes on different levels - some sit on chairs or couch cushions, on couch arms, little kids on laps, some standing- mix it up
  • Set camera white balance to AUTO 'cause the light color(temperature) from lamps, window light and flash are all different!
  • Focus on a face to help guide the camera to a correct exposure
  • If light from flashes too bright and shooting on PROGRAM mode (not auto) your camera may have a Flash Compensation button - small square with a diagonal line through it. Half is black and half is white/sliver and with a + symbol and a - symbol. Should right next to button to pop up the flash - some cameras do not have this though. If yours does - press and hold and dial in some negative compensation. 
  • Wait and look for the funny pics, people in deep thought and/or contemplative moments...

HaVE FUN too!

Hope to see many of you next year - 2015


July 22nd….Summer Not Long Enough!

July 22, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Summer just never seems long enough anymore!  Although parents with school age children will have had enough by the end of August. Vacations are now going in full swing, with a common refrain that "now I need a vacation" following that one or two week escape from home!  How does a family - parents and kids - go on vacation and really get some R&R? What is your solution?  Soon we will be bombarded with Back To School ads on TV and in the paper!

Of course, with Summer comes outdoor household tasks - mowing the lawn, gardening - casual and/or making a new garden area! Trimming trees and bushes, fertilizing everything! I just finished a new brick sidewalk and moved and re-built the fire pit! 

20140628TYC08020140628TYC080Summer Sports 20140628TYC08020140628TYC080Summer Sports 20140628TYC08020140628TYC080Summer Sports 20140628TYC08020140628TYC080Summer Sports 20140628TYC08020140628TYC080Summer Sports

​As for summer sports - golfers go golfing for hours and hours, youth baseball game practices and weekend games, AAU basketball is most of the Summer, right? Ice hockey is a year round activity, with their cold ice rinks, early AM practices and night games a good distance from home!  Also there is sailing and power boating, tennis, cycling and horse shows.

​Yes horse shows! I was very surprised when I realized that there are at least a few in SE Mass. and RI that I could go to every weekend. Usually one but sometimes 2 days, and ALL DAY long. There are also some weeklong competition esp. in Vermont, Saugertees, NY., Lake Placid, as well as Fieldstone and Grazing Fields in MA.

 I just attended a one day show in Medway ,MA at the Saddle Rowe Farm. It was run by the SEHA organization (South East Hunter Assoc.) I was there to photograph the show as usual. One young girl asked me if I knew how to ride. And I thought for a moment, and said"well sort, but not really"!  I rode a mule down the Grand Canyon in 1963m and several years ago I worked for a tour company and visited a ranch in Texas. We all had a a chance to ride a horse - so I jumped on- climbed on - and rode down a dirt road a short was and back! they all thought I knew what I was doing since I just took off at a gallop, stopped & turned round and galloped back!

​There is something majestic and inspiring about a horse. When you stand next to one or a few - that muscle bound powerhouse is an amazing creation. I would like to learn to ride - confidently some time though.  At the shows I go to there are always some little kids - maybe 5 yrs old - just learning. All the young girls - pre-teens I would say - all wear pigtails and beautiful ribbons attached to each pigtail. So, with that I need to show you what I mean with a few photos. Enjoy!

20140719SEHA-SR82820140719SEHA-SR828Pigtails and Ribbons 20140719SEHA-SR82820140719SEHA-SR828Pigtails and Ribbons 20140719SEHA-SR82820140719SEHA-SR828Pigtails and Ribbons 20140719SEHA-SR82820140719SEHA-SR828Pigtails and Ribbons 20140719SEHA-SR82820140719SEHA-SR828Pigtails and Ribbons

Lindsay Elizabeth Hopkins - New Job!

May 29, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


Just got a great graphic design job in Boston area!

Spring 2014 - Well, soon it will feel like it!

March 24, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Certainly has been chilly today, Monday the 24th.  But, as I usually say, this is New England, and Spring and summer will be here!

Quick mention - my new 6wk photo session at Attleboro High School is starting on Monday, April 7th. Email aep@attleboroschools,com for info and registration. The Spring session is nice because we can spend some more time outside, actually taking pictures!   If Monday evenings is not convenient for you, sign up and we can perhaps change the day with the whole class.

For the convenience of students and parents,of varsity basketball student athletes at AHS, I have elected images of each player and made new galleries by their individual shirt #'s.   This link will get you there:   http://bit.ly/1gcOSZO . Great opportunity to order a book of photos, a single print, a coffee mug or many other photo items. Tell a friend, relative or even a boy friend/girlfriend for a gift idea!

In the above photo  is #32 Sarah Deyo, a Freshman on the AHS varsity girls team. Looking forward to great things from this young lady over the next few years!


Spring sports at most high schools have a tuff time getting outdoor practice time with foul and cold weather to contend with.  I am looking forward to covering some track & field events, which I have not captured before. Also, lacrosse, softball and some baseball, and tennis. If you have any special interest in having me capture a certain player, please let me know. Email me at - shoppix@photo.net. Also, if they are involved in activities outside of the school that would be photo worthy, please contact me. 

For me, I will also be covering some RI and SE Massachusetts horse shows, and perhaps rowing regattas at the Narragansett Boat Club in Providence. I would also like to get to Newport for some beach volleyball shooting. what a fast moving and exciting sport to photograph!

Selling your home this Spring?  I can guarantee better photos than most any real-estate agent around. I have the lights and wide angle lenses necessary to capture gulper images of your home. Attract more potential buyers with beautiful photographs of your home. I am ready when you are, so please give me a call (774-254-1451) or email (shoppix@photo.net). If you agent will not contact me, then you should do it on your own. Maximize the efforts to sell your home!

One more item,  I am looking for a few people to act as models for me. This would include youth ages and up, male and female. Even senior citizens! I need to build up my portrait portfolio, and so, there will be no session charges. Each model will receive two 5x7 prints. No modeling experience necessary. I am looking for variety and creativity, not merely a formal portrait sitting. There could be a focus on your participation in a sport, musical activity, acting or some other activity of relevance to your life. 

That's it for now. Think about Joining my next photography class to learn how to better control you camera as well as composition and exposure.That new digital cannot do it correctly all the time! Tell a friend even if you are not interested at this time.


Keep Shootin'!


Steve Hopkins



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