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"Black" Photo Shopping Days

November 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Steve Hopkins Photography is joing the "Black Friday" hoopla !  

Why not. And my "Black Fridays" run from today, Nov.22nd until mid-night on Sunday December 11th!

Offering #1     Full Res JPEG images are now only $15.00 ea. (Reg. #35.00 ea)


Offering #2.     Purchase all your Hi-Res images for only $125.00. Make a collection of your favorites, from any year(s) and

                             send  collection to me from my website. 


Payment will be through PayPal to: hoppy02703@yahoo.com.


From these digital files you can have prints made at your preferred printer, design order your own photo books, calendars etc. They are the correct resolution for those purposes. Even large prints and banners!


So, start searching through my Equine galleries for  your photos and place your order by December 11th.


Happy Holidays


Steve Hopkins

Spring is Here! Right?

April 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

20120225CLS-Bengals02720120225CLS-Bengals027 20140614ValinorSaturday47720140614ValinorSaturday477 20121027EmmaD_08520121027EmmaD_085 20121104Emily11920121104Emily119 20110731Ashley21020110731Ashley210 20130922-#230-300120130922-#230-3001 20140628TYC255-220140628TYC255-2

Springtime in Westport ​…it's cooler, windier and foggier here in the Spring as the weather forecasters allude to. It's is milder overall and much more pleasant for taking photographs outdoors. 

Horse show season is starting up although I am reducing my involvement this year.  An equine cross country schooling event is being held this Sunday at Valinor Farm in Plymouth.

In my new finished I have an impromptu studio area set up for pet and people portrait sessions.  there are also many outdoor areas (non-studio) around here for beautiful pet and people portrait sessions. 

So, please email me for portrait  and sports related session information. I live about 10 miles from Horseneck Beach and other scenic areas : Little Compton, Tiverton and Dartmouth. Anyone need real estate photography? I'm sure I can provide you with a perfect collection to help sell your home.

EmaI: hoppy02703@yahoo.com

Phone: 774-254-1451 20130630-BoneYardRide009120130630-BoneYardRide0091 20120302-Bella02620120302-Bella026

Image #20150829CCHA-Finals-526

March 28, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


I've been adding some photos from last Fall's CCHA finals show. i'm up to rider #529 as of this evening. More tomorrow.

Purchasing an "Upload Pass"

August 16, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

​     As some of you may know equestrian events have seen a continued reduction if sales by their riders and families. Some photographers have stopped photographing them altogether. And we photographers are not paid by the show organization to take pictures. Others, as I have, have instituted a form of  pre-payment to see individual rider galleries. I have adopted the name - Upload Pass - from another local (Rehoboth) photographer. 

     Following a day of photographing as many riders as I can during the show, I sort by rider number on my computer.  Next, the riders may email me - shoppix@photo.net - to ask if  have any photos of them. An alternative, will be to post this list of available rider photos on my Facebook page "Equine Riders" - https://www.facebook.com/groups/163046350409145/?ref=ts . If you have have not "joined" this page of mine, please do so. 

​     OKso I do have photos of you! Good!   Purchase of an "Upload Pass" via PayPal will will tell me to edit your gallery and upload to my website. The upload pass, for regular shows is only $10. The Finals will be $15.  I will also email you a complimentary web res image chosen from your gallery. 

The Paypal payment should be made to: hoppy02703@yahoo.com

Candid galleries will be continued to be uploaded without any pass required.

​Any questions,,and comments… may be emailed to me: shoppix@photo.net


Steve Hopkins

Steve Hopkins Photography

Equestrian Show viewing fee!

June 16, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


RE: photo viewing fee:


Valinor:      Images from the June 13th & 14th USEA Horse Trials competition at Valinor Farm in Plymouth, MA

There is now a $15 fee required in order to view photos. The payment is to be processed through PayPal and sent to - hoppy02703@yahoo.com


Following payment, please email me (use my Paypal address above) and I will send you the password to see any of the galleries. You will, in turn, be emailed two free Facebk/web res image files that you choose.


*Unfortunately, many equine photographers who still photograph horse shows have had to institute similar fees. There have been declining sales the past few years. We spend at least the same amount of show time following the show as we sort, select and upload images to our websites.


Thank you for your understanding.


Steve Hopkins

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